Advantages of Wood Cleaning & Staining Your Wooden Fence

    Advantages of Cleaning & Staining Your Wooden Fence

    Putting up a wood fence offers a different look for a residence, though a certain level of maintenance is required along the way. Ignoring or adopting a casual take regarding the task of wood fence cleaning can ultimately be a costly oversight that will end up shortening its lifespan.

    Yet simply cleaning the wood fence won’t leave it vulnerable to a myriad of potential issues. One way to circumvent such concerns from mushrooming out of control is embracing the idea of wood fence staining.

    Listed below are some of the chief advantages as to why the cleaning and staining of a wood fence makes so much sense:

    No Special Equipment Required

    Many people seem to think that undertaking a wood fence cleaning will involve having to rent a power washer to handle the job. In truth, doing so could put the fence in danger of being damaged from the sheer force of the water that’s delivered. That can result in a layer of wood inadvertently being removed or cause splintering, which can lay the groundwork for future problems.

    The reality is that using a standard garden hose sprayer should be sufficient. That’s because it has a sufficient amount of pressure that won’t result in the aforementioned overkill that ends up resulting.

    A Shorter Time Requirement

    The chore of cleaning a wood fence shouldn’t require an excess amount of time, in part because the wood itself can help obscure some of the dirt that vinyl fences aren’t able to hide. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put off a cleaning, it just can buy you some time.

    When that cleaning begins, it won’t be the yearly task that’s required for vinyl fences. Instead, it may be years between cleaning efforts, which allows you to focus on more important concerns.

    A Protective Cover

    When it comes to wood fence staining, its value can be seen from the extended life it offers the fence. Without this shield that can easily be applied, the elements can take their toll and end up resulting in a larger investment down the road from a new fence as opposed to a simple staining.

    The type of weather conditions that exist at any time of year have the ability to do some pretty severe damage to a wood fence. The onset of rain can pelt a fence with plenty of water over the course of a single year. However, staining can offer waterproofing that will fully protect the wood.

    Snow can also do similar damage, while the issue of rotting wood due to water intake could be the direct result of not staining a fence. In addition, the unrelenting presence of sun and the UV rays they deliver can end up drying out wood that hasn’t been properly protected.

    Aesthetic Value

    An investment in any property means making sure that the overall look of that area is presented in a positive manner. That can enhance the value of a home when the time comes to put it on the market. A stained fence can help make that a reality, with the homeowner also having the option of different looks.

    Some residents prefer clear stains, while others like a certain mix that resonates from a visual perspective. Either way will look nice and also reinforce the protective approach taken that can ultimately mar the appearance of that wood fence.

    Making the Best Choice

    As Good As New is a company with experience in not only the installation and repair of wood fences, but also the cleaning and staining of them. We can also install, repair and paint iron fences and the chain link variety. So wood fence cleaning or wood fence staining is on your list of things to do, make sure to contact As Good As New.

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