Wood Cleaning & Staining

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    Everyday usage and various environmental factors will cause your exterior wood structures to weather and to rot if not protected properly.

    Damage can be done by any of the following:

    Sun Sun: The intensity of harmful ultra violet radiation causes discoloration of the wood’s surface. These UV rays dry out the wood by removing its natural resins. The lack of these essential resins (which are found in living trees) makes the wood brittle and gray.

    Rain Rain: When rain is absorbed by unprotected wood, moisture builds up below the surface, providing prime growing conditions for fungus, mold and mildew. These microscopic organisms decompose the wood, causing the wood to rot.

    Freeze Freeze: In the winter, snow and ice melt into existing cracks in the wood. When the temperature drops, the melt-water freezes and expands. The Freeze and thaw cycle causes the wood to expand and contract which leads to further cracking over time.

    Pressure-treated does not mean weatherproofed.

    Pressure-treated wood is injected with a chemical that protects it against rot and termites, but pressure treating wood does not give it weather protection. In fact, it actually makes the wood surface more porous and even more susceptible to moisture damage.

    We guarantee our stain for a full three (3) years on our solid stain and for a full two (2) years on our semi-transparent stain and our warranty is backed by multiple locations.


    All water repellents are not the same. As Good As New,LLC only uses professional, commercial grade products that are manufactured exclusively for us. These products are made in Texas, by Texans and are specifically made for the Texas climate. They are superior in performance and durability compared to any other products available to the general public. These industrial formulas thoroughly strip and seal wood structures, for up to 5 years.

    Finish Photos

    Finish Description

    CLEAR Sealant (Click to Enlarge)

    Finish: No pigmentation only an oily appearance until cured and then it reverts back to what the wood looked like with nothing on it.

    HONEY Semi-Trans (Click to Enlarge)

    CEDAR Semi-Trans (Click to Enlarge)

    REDWOOD Semi-Trans (Click to Enlarge)

    Semi-Transparent:Colors wood but allows the wood grain to show through. Honey is a lite brown, cedar is a darker brown and redwood has a redish tint.

    Please Note: The color of the above stains may vary slightly depending on the type, age or condition of the wood.


    Click here to see  our wood sealant work in the “Wood Cleaning / Staining” Photo Album of our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/asgoodasnew/photos/?tab=album&album_id=676212669068886




    1. Waterproofs Wood – Reduces moisture penetration to decrease warping and swelling of the wood.
    2. Mildew Resistant – Coating resist mold, fungus and mildew attack. Helps maintain fresh and clean looking wood.
    3. Shields U.V. Rays – Formulated with ultraviolet inhibitors to reduce the sun’s harmful, drying rays.
      Penetrating Linseed Oil – Linseed oil will strengthen and condition your wood fibres to reduce cracking and splintering.
    4. Minimizes Graying of Wood – Transparent pigments and U.V. Inhibitors help reduce natural graying of wood surface.
    5. Improves Dirt Resistance – Helps keep your wood looking fresh and clean.




    We guarantee our solid stains and paints three (3) years (pro-rata), semi-trans stains two (2) years (pro-rata) and clear sealant one (1) year ) pro-rata) backed by our multiple locations.  We are also the only fence company in Austin & Houston and one of less than a handful in DFW that “The Good Contractors List” endorses with a $10,000 Workmanship Guarantee!



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    Customer Feedback

    Rating: 5 stars

    City: Grand Prairie

    Project: Wood Fence - Repair

    They did a very good job. Made a return to fix 1 gate. Also made another return to fix both gates after lots of rain. Gates were repaired. We liked working with them.
    James G.