Iron Fence Painting

    A good paint job starts with a good prep job. All iron fence painting starts with a two to three- step prep process and finishes with the spray application of a commercial paint made exclusively for ornamental iron fencing. This process will beautify and protect iron fencing from rust damage.


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    We guarantee our iron painting for three (3) years (pro-rata) backed by our multiple locations.  We are also the only fence company in Austin & Houston and one of less than a handful in DFW that “The Good Contractors List” endorses with a $10,000 Workmanship Guarantee!

    We offer FAST, FREE, PRESSURE FREE quotes!!!

    Have you had to take a day off from work to meet with an estimator?

    Have you waited all day for an estimator who showed up late?

    Have you had an estimator in your home for hours trying to get you to “BUY TODAY”?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions… you will love our 4 step quote process!

    STEP 1:  We will gather very detailed information about your project by phone and /or by email so that we will know exactly what you want quoted.

    STEP 2:  If necessary we’ll use our fleet of airplane drones to take a look at your project to obtain layout, measurements, pictures, etc… needed to create a very detailed quote.  You don’t have to be home…  You don’t have to leave your gate unlocked… You don’t have to secure your dog…

    STEP 3:  We will create a detailed written quote and email it to you to review pressure free.

    STEP 4:  Call us after you receive our quote and we will explain it, answer your questions and if you’re ready, we will schedule your project.

    Please send us the following information to get the ball rolling on your IRON PAINT QUOTE !!!


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    Customer Feedback
    Rating: 5 Stars

    City: Round Rock

    Project: Wood Fence - Repair

    This company had a great price and work was done fast and with no headaches. After work was completed. Everything was picked up and no trash left behind. Nice to have someone that will do a good job and you don't have to babysit. This repair also came with a one year warrenty!
    John H.