A beautiful wood fence can not only add value to your home, it can also help delineate your space from neighbors. If your home already has a fence, but it is looking a little worn and tired, you may be able to clean and repair it. If you don’t have a fence, you can install a wooden fence that looks great and helps keep track of the kids and pets. If you have a deck that needs some work you can transform it to like new condition. There are many fence and deck services that will put you on the right track for a great yard.


Wooden Fence Repair

Fence Repair
If you already have a fence, you may want to consider repairing it to save money. One option is to install additional metal poles to help make the fence sturdier. You could also reinforce the panels with additional wood caps or treated base boards. If there are just one or two bad panels, these could be replaced and the fence will look great and last. Using a reputable company to repair your fence will make the entire process simple starting with a good fence estimate all the way to a quick fence repair service.

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Wooden Fence Installation

Board On Board
Once you have decided to install a new fence, you will need to decide the type and style that will add beauty to your yard. One style places a full panel on both sides of the post. This is considered a “good neighbor” style because both sides look great. The least expensive style is the basic dog ear stockade. This type is fairly easy to install and won’t take as much time. Another style is the shadow box. This fence spaces out the slats and provides more air flow than other styles.


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Fence StainedWood Fence Cleaning and Repair

Often a fence can be cleaned or repaired. People who are working with a tight budget might find this is the best option. Once the wood panels have been scrubbed or power washed, the broken slats can be repaired. Next the fence will need to be stained to help make it weather proof and keep the fence from rotting. Finally, your fence will look as great as when it was first built.


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Patio Cover After SealantWood Deck Cleaning and Repair

Sometimes the fence in the yard in not the problem, but the deck is another story. Many fence services also provide deck services. These professionals will come in and clean your deck, repair rotted wood, and then stain the deck to make it last through the hot, cold, or rainy weather. Once the deck is cleaned and repaired, you will be ready for a fun backyard party.



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Iron Fence 2Iron Fence Painting

When cleaning and repairing an iron fence, the first step is to prepare the metal. Fence services will be able to power wash the fence to take off all of the old paint and may also need to sand off rust and other debris. Once the iron is clean, it will be repainted with an outdoor paint that stands up to the elements restoring your iron fence to new.


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