Should I Repair or Replace My Wood Fence?

    wood fence

    The image that’s evoked from the presence of a wooden fence is one that gives homeowners a sense of privacy to go about their business without others peering into their lives. Other reasons are also prevalent such as a certain ambience, though one thing that’s common among everyone with a wooden fence is that it will endure wear-and-tear from the moment that it’s installed. Read the rest of this entry »

    Types of Wood Fences Offered By As Good As New

    types of wood fences

    Homeowners and commercial businesses that choose to have wood fences on their property are looking for a certain amount of privacy, yet don’t want their residence to resemble an armed camp. As Good As New understands this philosophy, which is why when you’re considering an Arlington wood fence installation, we make the effort to offer different types in order to satisfy different tastes. Read the rest of this entry »

    5 Benefits of Iron Fence Painting

    iron fence painting

    The idea of painting an iron fence isn’t always at the forefront of either a homeowner or someone running business. The simplicity involved with leaving it just as it was installed is sometimes good enough, yet there are distinct benefits to consider when the idea of iron fence painting is considered. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Customer Feedback
    Rating: 5 stars

    City: Southlake

    Project: Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch - Clean and Seal

    "We had our home up for sale and several potential buyers thought the deck and fence were in need of replacing after 15 years of wear and tear. As Good as New came out the same day to give us a quote, and we were pleasantly surprised how llittle it cost to make the deck and fence look brand new. The deck and fence were washed and re-stained and it really looks as good as new. The service was completed on time at a resonable price and it looks great! We should have done it years ago!"
    Home 4 Sale!