Types of Wood Fences Offered By As Good As New

    types of wood fences

    Homeowners and commercial businesses that choose to have wood fences on their property are looking for a certain amount of privacy, yet don’t want their residence to resemble an armed camp. As Good As New understands this philosophy, which is why when you’re considering an Arlington wood fence installation, we make the effort to offer different types in order to satisfy different tastes.

    Listed below are the four different types of wood fences that As Good As New has available for your Arlington wood fence installation:

    Good Neighbor

    Simply putting up a wooden fence that looks the same on one side can offer a bland take on the approach a homeowner chooses when making this sort of choice. In addition, focusing on only one of those sides can make for a stark difference that essentially breaks down to having a good and bad visual.

    We avoid that with the Good Neighbor, which manages to alternate the pattern on each side of the fence through the introduction of panels. Given the fact that our cedar pickets are part of the overall design, the posts that might ordinarily stand out like a sore thumb are obscured. That makes for a more aesthetically-pleasing experience.

    Board on Board Fence

    As noted, a wood fence represents a need for some privacy, something that’s best represented by the Board on Board. For one thing, the boards used are on top of each other, which helps bolster the durability of the fence. It also happens to offer full enclosure, which can keep out prying eyes.

    Given the inevitable wear-and-tear that any fence deals with when exposed to the elements, it’s good to know that this type takes into consideration the likelihood of the shrinkage of the wood from such exposure. That’s why additional fence picket is added at its highest points.

    Shadow Box Fencing

    Those seeking a little more fresh air or light from their wood fence will prefer having the Shadow Box installed on their property. The reasons stem from the fact that the fence pickets are spaced in such a way that any air that might otherwise be blocked instead flows freely into a yard.

    A certain amount of flexibility exists with which side you choose to space those fence pickets. However, the end result is that you’ll still have your privacy, with only the overlap level between those pickets ultimately determining the amount desired.


    Using a trio of cross-rails, metal posts and pickets either 1×4 1×6 wide, this type remains our most popular. One of the chief reasons is that it’s an inexpensive choice, yet the price can vary based on op accents.

    Like all of our other fences, those metal posts are lowered a minimum of two feet in concrete of 5500psi, which happens to be the maximum when it comes to specifications.

    Your Best Choice

    Offering competitively-priced wood fences that can be either six or eight feet, As Good As New can also include certain aspects that can add to the ambience your fence is meant to represent. These include things like staining or sealant, a baseboard, lattice or arched gates.

    So if you’re looking for a company for your Arlington wood fence installation, look no further than us. We offer free estimates, a warranty and can provide references upon request. Our highly-trained professional staff is ready to help you take that next step, so contact us today.

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    Project: Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch - Clean and Seal

    Representative was knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and took all the measurements. He also took time to explain all the facts to my wife and myself in regards to paint versus stain. The response time was great and the follow up was excellent. Pricing was good too. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.
    Robert M.