Should I Repair or Replace My Wood Fence?

    wood fence

    The image that’s evoked from the presence of a wooden fence is one that gives homeowners a sense of privacy to go about their business without others peering into their lives. Other reasons are also prevalent such as a certain ambience, though one thing that’s common among everyone with a wooden fence is that it will endure wear-and-tear from the moment that it’s installed.

    Wood is more sturdy than aluminum or vinyl when it comes to fencing, though the need to keep it in good shape means paying attention to the overall appearance. There can come a point when a decision has to be made about whether wood fence repair is in order or if a full-blown replacement is the only alternative. Listed below are some ways that can make such a determination a good deal easier:

    Moisture Frequency

    Areas with heavy rains or snow or homeowners who don’t take precautions when it comes to doing what they can to avoid moisture are prone to issues with their wooden fence. Those missteps can include failing to seal the fence against such possibilities. That moisture helps draw insects, a concern that can slowly eat away at the integrity of the fence.

    Maintenance Matters

    The earliest stages of discoloration, warped wood or any signs of splintering need to be tackled as quickly as possible. Ignoring the issue won’t make the problem go away and will end up turning what had been a simple repair into a more costly replacement that likely wasn’t necessary in the first place.

    Your Current Situation

    Depending on how long you plan on staying in your home, you might want to consider replacement if the idea is to move within a short period of time. That’s because a brand new fence allows the person that purchases your home to avoid any repairs in the near future and is something that can be reflected in a higher selling price.

    The Time Element

    The busy lives that many people lead allow them little time to perform such maintenance or to handle any repairs on their own. That will inevitably lead to the issues noted above, which may be out of your control in changing. If these circumstances will be in place for any extended period, you may want to replace the fence to re-start the clock on that lifespan.

    Level of Repairs

    In many instances, a little bit of wood fence repair is all that’s needed to get everything back to normal. For example, only one post may be damaged or a specific area might be showing signs of warp or other concern. That doesn’t mean that a total wood fence replacement needs to be in order.

    By the same token, any small holes or cracks can be addressed by using either putty or wood filler. These fixes can handled quickly, but there’s a good rule of thumb to determine when the amount of repairs should translate into replacement. That’s when the number of repairs needed wither meets or exceeds 20 percent of the total amount of fencing. At that point, you’re likely throwing good money after bad.

    Warranty or No Warranty

    In conjunction with the amount of repairs, the status of your warranty may help you make your choice. Some unintended damage that takes place, such as when a wooden fence is vandalized, may not fall under the warranty guidelines. You’ll likely have to use your homeowner;s insurance policy for that issue, assuming such circumstances are part of the coverage.

    The Choice for Repair and Replacement

    Regardless of whether the time has come for some wood fence repair or things have reached the state where wood fence replacement is the only alternative, As Good as New is ready to help. We’ve been around for more than two decades and offer free estimates, quality references and are fully insured to handle any unexpected events.

    So when your fence needs repair or replacement, make sure to contact us right away!

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    Customer Feedback

    Rating: 5 stars

    City: Keller

    Project: Wood Fence - Repair

    Very pleased with the work. The person who came to do the repair was on time, friendly, worked hard and quickly, and gave me all the information I needed. We would definitely recommend them, and plan to use them again to improve other sections of the fence before they get damaged.
    Bob W.