Tools of the Fence Repair Trade

fence repair toolsWhen you hire a wooden fence repair contractor to work on your home, do you find yourself curious about the types of tools they use? Are they making the individual stakes from a giant log with a chainsaw, or is this something easy you could do yourself? In the article below, we hope to clear up some of the mystery around fence-related repair tools. We think that the common tools required for repairs to wooden fences may surprise you, and you may learn something interesting about the trusty fence your property relies on.

Fence tools can be broken down into three broad categories:

5 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Fence Looking Great

wooden fence maintenanceHave you been searching for wooden fence maintenance services? When you see your wood fence is rotting, warping, sagging, needs a few new planks or simply needs freshening up, you may not understand if you need fence treatment or something like fence staining. However, we take the guesswork out of the equation for you and give you the look you want for your wood fence with these five basic tips. The end result is a fence that looks beautiful and continues to endure for years to come. Read the rest of this entry »

Wood Fence Styles & Types in Austin

austin wooden fence stylesWhen it is time to install a fence on your property, you can immediately start to feel out of your league. However, with a little bit of guidance, you soon find that there is an Austin fence company that caters to the styles of wooden fence that you have been seeking. To get a better idea of what is available on the modern market, take a look at this long list of choices. Read the rest of this entry »

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