Need Wooden Fence Repair in Houston?

houston fence repairYour wooden fence in Houston can be damage by all sorts of things: wind, rain, animals, car accidents, rotted wood, sun & frost all beat down on fence, weakening connecting points until you have a big hole in your perimeter. Fence repair is best left to professionals. Fortunately, As Good As New, LLC can service your wooden fence quickly and professionally.

Fence repair is not a simple matter of buying replacement parts at your local hardware store. Wooden fence posts come in wide variety of styles, grains, wood types and cuts. More often than not, fence repairers will have to custom cut replacement posts to match your fence.

Parts of Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are built with three basic structural components: posts, rails, and pickets. Posts are heavier and thicker pieces that provide support for the rest of the fence. They are typically driven into the ground several inches for stability. Rails are the horizontal pieces that connect posts, and pickets are lighter, thinner pieces of wood made for privacy. Planks are the most commonly repaired component, but if a post goes, it can bring down your whole fence.

Types of Wood

All manner of wood can be used for home fences. Cedar and redwood are popular options, being hardwood, durable and offering an elegant look. Pressure treated pine is also common. Hardwoods and pressure treated woods will last longer, but can cost more up front. Ideally, you want a matching wood type, but in some instances this might not feasible. Fortunately, with the right cut & stain, the outward appearance can be made to match.


Damage to fences can be cause by animals, weather or accidents. The biggest threat to wood fences is rot. Pressure treated wood is resistant to weather damage, termites & other pests. Painting & staining can help your wood fence above ground, but does not typically protect the part of posts that are buried underground. Improperly treated wood or low quality wood can bring down your whole fence.

Fence Repair & Replacement

Repairing a fence requires knowledge of different wood types, weather conditions, and a variety of  woodworking and cutting tools. When you need a fence repaired or replaced, it’s best to hire an experienced company that specializes in wood fence repair. Fortunately, As Good As New, LLC offers the best fence repair service in Houston. Call today to schedule a service call, or fill out our online form!

Why You Should Install a Wooden Fence Around Your Yard

Benefits of Fence for Your YardYour yard is where where you and your family spend much of your free time. It’s your little slice of paradise, where you can relax, feel the grass under your toes and have a good old fashioned barbecue. If your home is your castle, then your yard is your kingdom.

Whether you live in Austin, Dallas or Houston, Texas homeowners know that installing a fence around your yard, especially your back yard is an investment that is worth the research and effort. Having a fully fenced yard immediately creates an environment which extends your living space into a more natural, outdoor environment, while still maintaining your privacy. There are many benefits to fencing your yard, and especially with a wooden fence versus a chain link fence.

The main benefit Read the rest of this entry »

Wooden Fence Restoration

Many people look for ways to add value to their existing property. This can be done in many ways such as repairing damaged items, purchasing upgraded appliances, or adding different features. One addition that has the potential to affect the value of your property is a wooden fence.

Most property experts agree that while wooden fences have the potential to add value to any property, having a fence that is out of date or in disrepair is a sure way to decrease the value of your property. If your fence is in need of restoration, As Good As New, LLC is the fence restoration company that can restore your fence so that it once again adds to the beauty of your property. Read the rest of this entry »

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