How to Fix a Fence that Turned Green

How To Clean Your Fence

How To Clean a Fence that Turned Green
If you don’t like the aesthetic appeal of a fence that is damaged from green, white and black mold and mildew, then it’s time to start looking into ways to prevent this from happening. You can even restore your damaged fence to it’s natural beauty.

Choosing The Perfect Fence for Your Home in Arlington

Choosing The Perfect Fence for Your Home in Arlington

Simply living in a home doesn’t always encompass all that it has to offer, since the location, family makeup and other components often play an important role in what types of accessories become a part of this landscape. Some Arlington, Texas residents don’t believe their residence is complete until the installation of a fence takes place. Part of that might be related to the cliché of owning a home with a white picket fence, while other concerns may simply be related to safety-related issues. Read the rest of this entry »

Tools of the Fence Repair Trade

fence repair toolsWhen you hire a wooden fence repair contractor to work on your home, do you find yourself curious about the types of tools they use? Are they making the individual stakes from a giant log with a chainsaw, or is this something easy you could do yourself? In the article below, we hope to clear up some of the mystery around fence-related repair tools. We think that the common tools required for repairs to wooden fences may surprise you, and you may learn something interesting about the trusty fence your property relies on.

Fence tools can be broken down into three broad categories:

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